ISO Certified Metering
Certified Testing Reg. No. 2860  
  California State Licensed


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Meter Assistance     Sub-Metering          
     Engineering     System Design
     Consultation     System Installation
     Expert Testimony     System Maintenance
meter devices retrofits & conversions                   Billing & Data Services
     Pulse Initiators      Electricity / Water / Gas
     Demand Registers      Air-conditioning
     Modems      Utility Billing Reconciliation
     Mass Memory      Load Profiling & Analysis
California "ISO" Certified                                             California Division of Measurement Standards
     New Metering Installations      Watt-hour Meter Testing
     Metering Installation Modifications      Watt-hour Meter Repair
    "ISO" Certifications      Watt-hour Meter Calibration
     Metering Systems Engineering  
     Metering Systems Design  Meter Reading and Data Acquisition
     Metering Systems Programming      Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly
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